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The material here is provided to make it easy to access important information and services related to obtaining and maintaining a license to practice Chiropractic in the state of North Carolina.

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Here you will find access to the most current list of all licensed chiropractors in North Carolina. These professionals have completed all requirements and adhere to all guidelines specified by the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Last Name First Name City State License No. Initial Licensure Date Disciplinary Action More Information
Anderson  Yeiny Kenansville NC CA2301 06/18/2014 No Details
Andersson  Eva-Marie Hendersonville NC 2629 11/08/1998 No Details
Andrew  Samuel Troy NC 1787 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Alyssa Belmont NC CA1418 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Beth Raleigh NC CA787 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Beth Raleigh NC XT112 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Kelly Raleigh NC CA1563 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Meredith Leland NC CA1381 06/10/1990 No Details
Andrews  Meredith Leland NC XT692 06/10/1990 No Details
Andronis  Deanna Charlotte NC CA987 06/10/1990 No Details
Andryshak  Beth Midway Park NC CA2303 05/27/2014 No Details
Anello  Sheida Chapel Hill NC CA3365 05/27/2014 No Details
Anjal  Karina Jacksonville NC XT727 05/27/2014 No Details
Ankrum  Alana Wake Forest NC CA866 05/27/2014 No Details
Annis  Arthur Wilmington NC 1789 06/10/1990 No Details
Annis  Margie Wilmington NC 1815 11/10/1990 No Details
Anthony  Christopher Greensboro NC 3813 01/26/2008 No Details
Antomattei  Mercedes Jacksonville NC CA2444 02/01/2017 No Details
Antonelli  Matthew Mooresville NC 4642 02/20/2016 No Details
Antunez  Melisa Raleigh NC CA386 02/20/2016 No Details
Apel  Kevin Greensboro NC 5374 09/29/2021 No Details
Apfelbeck  Leanne Asheville NC 3469 04/22/2006 No Details
Arbelaez  Erin Clayton NC CA1564 04/22/2006 No Details
Arbucci  Melissa Wilmington NC CA3670 11/18/2020 No Details
Arcamone  Craig Chesnee SC 4269 11/18/2020 No Details
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