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The material here is provided to make it easy to access important information and services related to obtaining and maintaining a license to practice Chiropractic in the state of North Carolina.

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Here you will find access to the most current list of all licensed chiropractors in North Carolina. These professionals have completed all requirements and adhere to all guidelines specified by the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Last Name First Name City State License No. Initial Licensure Date Disciplinary Action More Information
Wright  Christine Louisburg NC CA284 // No Details
Wright  Christopher Mint Hill NC 4906 03/12/2018 No Details
Wright  Daniel Locust NC 3422 10/22/2005 No Details
Wright  David Belmont NC 4628 02/20/2016 No Details
Wright  Grant Winston-Salem NC 1460 11/06/1983 No Details
Wright  Harrison Hamburg NY 5330 08/10/2021 No Details
Wright  Karen Eden NC CA2078 06/14/2014 No Details
Wright  Latisha Durham NC 3938 01/24/2009 No Details
Wright  LaToya Whitsett NC XT822 01/24/2009 No Details
Wright  Nisha Clayton NC CA3823 04/16/2021 No Details
Wright  Norman Charlotte NC CA2894 05/09/2018 No Details
Wright  Sharon West End NC 1807 06/11/1990 No Details
Wright  Stuart Matthews NC 4766 02/10/2017 No Details
Wright  Whitney Asheboro NC CA4301 02/10/2017 No Details
Wright-Garner  Linda Mount Holly NC CA519 02/10/2017 No Details
Wright-Garner  Linda Mount Holly NC XT596 02/10/2017 No Details
Wuich  Preston Raleigh NC CA2950 08/07/2018 No Details
Wuich  Preston Raleigh NC XT1052 11/20/2018 No Details
Wunder-Freet  Linda Asheville NC 1690 11/05/1988 No Details
Wyatt  Dianna Asheville NC CA1415 11/05/1988 No Details
Wyatt  Kelsey Asheville NC CA685 11/05/1988 No Details
Wyatt  Mary Asheville NC CA3472 02/19/2020 No Details
Wynn  Arnie Charlotte NC 4252 01/28/2012 Yes Details
Wynne  Sarah Garner NC CA2141 02/01/2017 No Details
Xiong  Dao Newton NC 4951 01/02/2019 No Details
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