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Here you will find access to the most current list of all licensed chiropractors in North Carolina. These professionals have completed all requirements and adhere to all guidelines specified by the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Last Name First Name City State License No. Initial Licensure Date Disciplinary Action More Information
Aaron  Paul Hillsborough NC 2171 11/10/1994 No Details
Abbott  Marcus Henderson NC 3438 01/28/2006 No Details
Abernathy  Todd Mooresville NC 2947 04/18/2001 No Details
Abimbola  Funbi Charlotte NC CA2291 07/01/2014 No Details
Abimbola  Obafunbi Charlotte NC CA166 07/31/2014 No Details
Abraham  Amelia Charlotte NC XT100 08/18/2013 No Details
Abraham  Amelia Charlotte NC CA2266 08/18/2013 No Details
Abrahams, II  Rodney Tampa FL 4097 04/24/2010 No Details
Ackley  Brainard Kitty Hawk NC 1673 06/12/1988 No Details
Acquaviva  April Mount Airy NC CA439 07/31/2014 No Details
Acton  Donald Asheville NC 1063 09/07/1979 No Details
Adams  April Wilmington NC CA1726 06/01/2014 No Details
Adams  Brian Raleigh NC 2535 06/07/1998 Yes Details
Adams  Courtney NC CA1053 07/31/2014 No Details
Adams  Ophelia Newark NJ 4215 07/23/2011 No Details
Adams  Rita Charlotte NC CA707 07/31/2014 No Details
Adams  Ronald Mocksville NC 2893 01/30/2001 No Details
Adams  Tammy Mocksville NC CA1941 10/22/2016 No Details
Adams  Valisha Cary NC CA2292 06/12/2014 No Details
Adamson  Randall Holly Springs NC 3160 11/09/2002 No Details
Adcock  Megan Raleigh NC CA1245 07/31/2014 No Details
Adcock  Tiffany Concord NC CA354 07/31/2014 No Details
Adcock  Tiffany Concord NC XT102 07/31/2014 No Details
Adcox  Michelle Henderson NC CA1147 07/31/2014 No Details
Aderhold  Lindsay Greensboro NC CA381 07/31/2014 No Details
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